“So all can hear the life-changing message of the gospel, we use every available tool at our disposal — evangelism, discipleship, relief, education, health care, construction — always with the primary motivation of moving people who need the Savior toward a relationship with Him."

Keith Kidwell, AGWM Administration


    Assemblies of God World Missions
    1445 N. Boonville Avenue
    Springfield, MO 65802-1894

     PHONE: 417-862-2781 EXT. 3140

    Sheryl Haseltine SHaseltine@ag.org
    Administrative Coordinator

    Sherry Carson SCarson@ag.org
    Administrative Assistant


    • Divisional Accounting

      Divisional Accounting provides an interface between AGWM and Ministers Benefit Association (MBA). They are responsible for the AGWM operational budget, the preparation of information for the WM Board and annual report, for insuring that all the IRS requirements and related matters are fulfilled, overseeing the application of the missionary cost of living indexes, corporate insurance, equipment, and purchasing, and finances of the missionary medical fund, monitoring AGWM revolving loans and functions as Accounts Payable for AGWM.

    • Financial Services

      Financial Services is responsible for the accounting functions involved in the maintenance of individual missionary and institutional financial accounts. This service includes processing financial reports according to standard accounting procedures and policies approved by AGWM and the General Council. Careful records are maintained for all world missions’ funds to assure proper accountability and distribution. Each regional financial specialist services specified accounts within a geographical boundary or an assigned group of accounts.

    • Missionary Services

      The Missionary Services department assists missionaries and administration with preparation for departure to the field, moving on the field, or returning to the U.S. at the time of itineration, retirement or termination. This service includes passport and visa processing, as well as shipping functions. The Missionary Services team also manages all areas of insurance matters, legal documents, powers of attorney and general letters. This section is responsible for the processing of all incoming mail and donations.

    • Technical Services

      Technical Services is responsible for coordinating the use of technology as a tool to reach the world with the gospel as well as assisting missionaries and AGWM personnel in doing the same.

      General Help:  Help@agmd.org

    • Word Processing

      Word Processing offers a variety of services to Assemblies of God World Missions departments, including transcription, proofreading, preparation of merge mailings, scanning, form development, document formatting, and creation of PowerPoint presentations.