Christ has called us to reach the inconveniently lost and go to inhospitable destinations and unwelcoming populations.  Missions is not simply sharing Christ with a neighbor or coworker.  That is evangelism, a daily witness of our faith, and a responsibility of each believer.  INSTEAD, missions is purposely crossing the chasms of geography, culture, and language to share Christ with those who have never heard.

Andy Raatz

Communications Director



    AGWM Communications
    810 N. Main Avenue
    Springfield, MO 65802-1894

     PHONE: 417-862-2781 EXT. 1775

    Arianna Metzner
    Administrative Assistant


    • Missions World Videos

      Short presentations produced monthly for three audiences:

      go 360 – children

      Worldbeat – youth

      Newsbreak – Sunday congregation

    • Creative Services

      The Creative Services area provides design and pre-production of World Missions theme materials and publications, photography, and media archival. The department also provides editorial support, design and oversight to the AGWM website.

    • Production, Budget & Sales